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What Gay Adult Blog is:

  • Video clips of some hot male porn
  • Photos of hot men having sex with other hot men and sometimes women.
  • Photos and stories of my journeys, parties, and thoughts
  • Blow jobs, anal sex, jacking off, and lube lube lube.
  • Men, men, and more men

What Gay Adult Blog isn’t for:

  • Spamming and hateful posts
  • Links to pharmaceuticals
  • Cat videos
  • Religious freaks needing to comment

Enjoy the site and ensure you are in a country, city, country, or school that allows you to view such materials.
Remember, you must be of the legal age in your country, city, or cult to view naked hot men.
Be kind to others and share the site. If you join a site, make sure you join via our link so we get credit and can post more.

I started this blog with my husband before we began hosting and doing development for adult sites.  Sometimes I post a lot, sometimes not.  It’s over 25 years old, and I hope to update it this year ( 2022 / 2023 ).  Older content is new if you have never seen it.