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Colby Knox


Troy Accola, Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox finally got him all to themselves in this one.


It’s their first time having a three way together, though they have all had multiple sexual encounters at this point. It’s fun to see Colby and Mickey both be able to give Troy their full focus and attention. The video starts with the sexy husbands giving Troy a four handed massage, which quickly morphs into Mickey going to town on his feet and Colby mounting up in position to lay down some serious dick. The boys make sure to throw some oral in their, in between the three of them finding new and exciting ways to fuck each other. They make a Troy Accola sandwich.



They make a Colby sandwich!!! and a whole lot of fun in between. Though its easy to lose focus solely on Troy’s tan-lined ass alone, he is also a pro at laying down some big hard cock. Which of course, Mickey Knox is happy to attest to. It’s the chemistry and fun we have come to expect from these type of videos. The boys are no doubt dying to bring Troy back so they can get some more.¬†

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