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Frankie V & Taylor Reign @ Cockyboys

It’s time for the Camp CockyBoys Workout! Camp CB offers fun and recreation and for the fitness-minded there’s a jungle gym..which Taylor Reign converts into circuit training station for his daily workouts: “I’m always trying to do things that hit as many muscles as possible”. Frankie V gets up earlier than he’s accustomed to join Taylor, ostensibly for personal training but Taylor gets the message when Frankie reaches into his shorts. And Taylor is more than happy to have some fun before AND during their workout…however little there is of it.

Their irresistible attraction turns every exercise into a foreplay. While Taylor hangs upside down from his makeshift gymnastic apparatus Frankie quickly takes out his cock and sucks it. When Taylor does some decline sit-ups on the steps, he winds up kissing his “spotter” Frankie. As Taylor leans back on those steps as a “focal point” for Frankie’s half-hearted plyometric pushups, Frankie makes swift work of taking out Taylor’s hard cock and sucking him with no intention of resuming his push-ups. And though Taylor starts to show Frankie some cable flys he takes the time to pull down his shorts and suck Frankie’s boner.


Although Frankie lets go of the cables to enjoy getting sucked, dominant trainer Taylor puts then back in his grips. Taylor gets behind him to rim and then fuck Frankie, who maintains discipline by holding onto the cable grips. Soon Taylor takes trainee Frankie back to the steps to plow deep into him and test their stamina. He then tests Frankie’s gymnastic flexibility by making him sit on his cock and ride it. Frankie passes his fitness test with flying colors as he jacks his cock and explodes with a thick, long-lasting cum geyser. At the end Frankie doesn’t get post-workout protein drink but he does get a thick protein facial courtesy of Taylor who towers above him. Time to hit the showers!


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Jason Sparks and Tyler Andrews @jasonsparks

Jason Sparks and Tyler Andrews
Jason Sparks and Tyler AndrewsCLICK HERE

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6 foot, 220 pound muscleman Derek Atlas pumps out a load @ Randy Blue

You know when you hear the name Derek Atlas what to expect. You know you’re gonna see one of the hottest muscle studs you’ve ever seen. His beefy body gleaming with beads of sweat as he lifts the heaviest weights at the gym. He looks you right in the eye as he flexes and his biceps become two mountains of muscle. We filmed his debut solo by a pool because of the way the water reflected off every rounded curve of his rock hard body. At 6 foot 220 pounds he looks like someone you’d hate to run into in a dark alley but would love to bump into in a bathhouse. When he’s down on all fours and smacking a pair of firm round globes that house a deliciously hungry hole you’ll find your jaw somewhere around your knees and a creamy spot of precum in your shorts. Well, providing you don’t already have your cock in your hand pumping away at the sight of this smokin’ hot muscleman beating his meat about to shoot a load all over the land! scape of his chiseled torso.
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Spencer teaches Shane a lesson with a broom handle @ dominicford

Spencer Reed Abuses Shane Frost @ DominicFord.com

This scene marks Spencer Reed’s directorial debut! In the light bondage scene, Shane Frost starts causing trouble and Spencer teaches him a lesson: with a broom, and then his huge cock. This scene is not to be missed! Spencer is is the XBIZ Winner for BEST PERFORMER OF THE YEAR, and Shane is the GRABBY winner for HOTTEST COCK. Combined, they make porn magic.

Watch the full movie at DominicFord.com

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On loan from his Boyfriend, Johannes exchanges blowjobs with Vander @ Chaosmen ( video clip )


I really liked working with Johannes, but he has a boyfriend who has put some limits on what he can and can’t do.  I loved his energy and I thought it would be awesome to have two animalistic gay guys go at it with full-on fury.  That’s what we get as the two practically gobble each other up!

Johannes stays soft until he gets Vander’s cock in his mouth and I think needs to be more upright.  Vander just leads the way and I love the shot where Vander takes off his underwear and Johannes just looks with wonder at how big Vander’s dick is.  I think it has been a rare thing for him to find guys with as big a dick as his.

Johannes is greedy for it, and blows Vander every way possible.  Vander, not to be outdone, hungrily sucks Johannes back.

Before the shoot I taught them a “fake fucking’ technique that I have used on a number of occasions. The Top usually is fooled into to thinking they are up inside you, and it worked for Vander who felt like he was fucking Johannes. We, on the other hand, don’t get quite the satisfaction.

They do a little 69-action, then move onto to busting a nut.
Vander takes control of his cock, while Johannes stands ready to eat every last drop of Vander’s load.

Just like the G:hole video he performed in, Johannes took that creamy load into his mouth and used it to nut almost under a minute into Vander’s eager mouth.

You have to watch his cumshot closely. He unloads into the air, then onto his tongue, and you think he is done shooting (or at least Vander did too!) so he starts sucking the last few drops out of Johannes’ uncut cock.  It pops out and another substantial squirt of jizz hits Vander in the face.

Yeah, I know, it would have been hot to see these to leviathan-cocked guys fuck, but we stuck to everyone’s limits and still got one of the hottest oral videos on the site!








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