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Jason Hillcrest & Sean Peyton Serviced @ Chaosmen

I swear Jason’s cock has got to be more than 8-inches. He was really turned-on in this video and it seems to have grown an inch or more overnight!


Sean had his work cut out for him. He can usually deep throat a guy, but Jason’s cock seemed more than he could handle. He gets little tears in his eyes while trying to shove it down his throat.



Jason is also an amazing cocksucker! And true to his word, rimming was his favorite thing to do with Sean. He eats him out like a hungry beast.

Both guys give each other facials, so if you love cum eating and unloading on a dude’s face, this video has twice the action.


Definitely going to get Jason back for more. He has amazing dirty boy energy. 



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Businessman Tom Wolf fucks a good load out of Angelo Marconi @ Falcon Studios

Businessman Tom Wolfe has cleared his calendar for a morning tryst with hunky associate Angelo Marconi. The two get down to business with Angelo nibbling Tom’s tits and kissing his hairy torso. He then reaches inside the big guy’s trousers to free his cock and sucks it all the way down, almost gagging on its enormity. Before long, Tom is greedily rimming Angelo’s hot tight hole, his tongue digging deep inside the crack. Having primed and prepped it sufficiently, Tom is up for a bigger merger and he fucks Angelo’s ass, working his thick cock in faster and harder with every forceful thrust. Begging for more, Angelo climbs aboard and rides his colleague’s tool. They twist into different positions and continue screwing until Angelo blasts his load across his abs. Tom withdraws and seals the deal shooting his load up across his exhausted partner’s pecs.



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Flip Fuck Fridays .. Smooth Joshua with Hairy Stone @ chaosmen (hot video clip inside) .. creampie anyone?





Here is a great flip-flop film, and mix of a smooth guy with a hairy guy.  Something for everyone. 

Stone is normally a better top then bottom but at one point he nearly cums while getting fucked by Joshua. 
See, you can teach a top a new trick.

While Joshua seems to be equally at home Topping or Bottoming, my instinct tells me he really enjoys bottoming. 

Bryan suggested that Stone fuck Joshua doggy style. This of course requires balance and also really knowing your trajectory angle, but he did fine.
If you ever saw doggy style videos before you know they are hard to film well .. this one was filled well.  It helps to have to horny dogs. 

Joshua stays pretty hard while Stone does a balancing act on top of him, while fucking him pretty deeply.

Stone gets fucked too. His face is funny to watch. He goes from, “Easy there fella!” to “Ok, this is feeling good!”   
Good training in action.  

For the big finale, Stone and Joshua swap positions.  Stone does a fine job fucking the cum out of Joshua who has a pretty intense orgasm.
The ending rewards us with a nice cream pie shot on Joshua’s hole.









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Straight guys Darius and Eli bareback @ chaosmen

VIDEO CLIP USING HTML5 FORMAT for Windows, IOS, Mac, and Linux.  Technology from RedAppleMedia.com

Darius is happiest with a dick in his mouth AND in his ass.  Identifies as straight, has a girlfriend, watches straight porn to get hard, but when he is on set, he sure looks like he is having fun in every way possible!

Same could be said for Eli I guess. He just knows how to have a good time, with a boy or a girl.  Solomon. on the other hand, still is a little timid in taking charge. This was his first time pushing his boundaries with two other dudes. He was concerned about “all that cock flying around.”

Turns out, all we had to do was make him the center of attention to start with. Having his dick sucked by two eager mouths got him going, and he got off to sucking dick while having his own cock sucked. Progress!

Even doing a triad of sucking kept everyone going.

Eli knows the best way to prep an ass for fucking is to eat it out, though I don’t know how much prepping Darius needs to have his ass encouraged to take a cock. I think Solomon was just happy he wasn’t taking Eli’s ginormous piece of meat. He stares in wonder as Eli easily slides his cock into Darius who was more than happy to bounce around on it with Solomon’s dick in his mouth.

Solomon then fucks Darius on his back and Eli sucks on Darius’s cock. Worked out pretty good, but Darius kept wanting to bust.

So we switched gears and had Eli and Darius use a double-ended dildo. I knew Solomon would get-off to dominating the two of them and making them take the dildo up their asses. I wasn’t wrong. His evil streak really shows!

For the finale, we went back to Solomon fucking Darius while Eli sucked his cock.  Just a little bit of jerking and we had Darius busting all over the place.  Solomon ramps up and cums all over Darius’s freshly spent cock, and Eli laps up both their loads.

Solomon goes around and makes Darius clean off his cock.  Eli’s aims his load for Darius eager hole, and breeds him good. A few cute OutTakes at the end too!





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chicks with dicks .. bareback .. with Barbra, Racia and Rodolfo .. video clip

I know you want to watch ..

Go ahead.. click on the chicks with digs.
The “straight” boys love fucking sheMALES. We love to watch straight men fuck.
Therefor we love sheMALE videos.
Not satisfied with simply the usual one-on-one barebacking video for our shemale bangers? How about a threeway encouter to spice things up? Enter: Barbra, Racia & Rodolfo to make all your raw fucking fantasies come true.CLICK HERE

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