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About Chaosmen?

ChaosMen (Formerly ChaosInAustin.com) has changed much over its 18 years online. It started out as simple Ego site for Bryan Ockert. You know, “Here are my stats, here are my pictures, you wanna get laid?”

After the first year, a unique journal was added, called a fotojournal. Since I was photographing everything around me, I decided it would be a different way to share my life online if I added the photos to the journal. A lot of guys who couldn’t live Out were drawn to its voyeuristic-living-vicariously style and it became very popular. Now Blogs are all the rage and I like to think I was on the forefront for this new craze.

After that, cams were all the rage, and the ChaosCam was added. More and more visitors were coming to the site.

Bandwidth became a major issue, and monthly bills were exceeding $450 a month. My hobby and ego site was becoming way too expensive.

One of the few ways anyone was making money on the net, was to add adult content. Since I was already photographing some of my hunky buddies, I thought it was time to create a membership area and make the site start paying for itself.

Over the years, I have tried to become a better photographer. Adding more technology, equipment, and hopefully, skill to the shoots. The site caught the attention of Gay.com, who now use my images in their advertising. I’ve also worked for several years for Ajaxx63.com, and have exclusively shot all their models and managed their website. Catalog work for Kleptomaniac and 10 Percent have kept me busy also. My stuff is routinely in Unzipped Magazine, and my work has appeared in Genre, Out, Xodus, XY, and a huge variety of local publications.

For a two year period, the site was more like a magazine, with entertainment, music, travel, and fashion columns. Keeping up with all these areas was too much to handle, so the site needed to be scaled down again.

The latest incarnation of the site began June 1st, 2004. My Bryan Ockert “Ego” information and fotojournal was moved over to my BryanOckert.com site, where it now, more appropriately, fits with the egocentricity of the domain name. The Theatre section was added in April of 2005, and there are plans to expand it!

I hope to continue to learn the photography craft as well. I still think I’m not real good at it, but I keep getting positive reactions, so will continue to try and not let you down.

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