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Bronson is a little muscle powerhouse with some badass tattoos and an amazingly handsome face.

He has done photoshoots and even has done artistic sketch classes fully nude, aroused, and I think even ejaculating for a class. I haven’t ever heard of art drawing classes going so far, so I hope he was paid well for the live show.

Needless to say, he is very comfortable being naked and aroused with strangers hovering around him.


Bronson has an intense and serious vibe in this video. It is definitely sexual, like a cat about to pounce. In person, he is inquisitive, genial, and very easy to talk with.

He says he jerks off a lot each day, finding it hard to not do it at least 3 times a day. He constantly played with his cock while we were talking, always trying to keep his buddy happy. Bronson is the kind of guy that likely sits around the house, hands in his underwear, toying with his cock for hours.

For his solo, up on his knees is easiest for him to get hard. I think he imagines he is about to fuck a girl. After that, he shows us his gorgeous ass that I hope one day we will get to see getting fucked. My fingers are crossed, but I am not sure he will go beyond topping another dude.


For his cum shot, he is slow and methodical and concentrates on his cock head. He makes great eye contact with us, and I love watching this guy have an amazing orgasm.



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